“Heart of a Warrior” by Preach @ThaRealPreach as featured in the BET documentary “AMMO: 52 Blocks”

Heart of the Warrior – The Video

Written and directed by Preach (@ThaRealPreach) . “Heart of a Warrior” prod. by Zuri Ali aka @Zuri_Beatz speaks to the hidden strength and power that flows through the veins of a warrior. “Heart Of A Warrior” was featured in the documentary for the BET Movie “Gun Hill” starring Larenz Tate, “Ammo: 52 Blocks”.  Check out “Gun Hill” on Netflix!
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Ammo: 52 Blocks – The Documentary

AMMO: 52 BLOCKS is a half hour documentary revealing an African-American martial art form and the training Larenz Tate subjected himself to while preparing for the three time NAACP Award Nominated BET movie, “Gun Hill”. The documentary stars Larenz Tate, Ludacris, Diallo Frazier, Sensei Mark Parra and Jamal Joseph.

AMMO: 52 Blocks the mini documentary takes us through the journey of Larenz Tate who learned a fighting style for a movie role and ultimately became transformed by an art form that has impacted his life.  With the additional viewpoint of hip hop artist and 52 Blocks student Ludacris, we will learn the history of the only martial art form created in the United States. – BET.com

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