Be Like Me


We on our own niggas

It’s 201* homie



They say death is taking me over, yeah

It’s 20** *gun shots*, that New World Order here

They murdering niggas, you see the horror film

Just look past your pimp brim, that picture grim


Now picture him folding, oh no that G in him

The Hen and that Coca-Cola, that weed no stems

Real living nigga, this ain’t a SIM

That nigga in prison, just for speaking to him




Pistols fire, niggas left leaking, damn

So now it’s retaliation we missing him




That GTA window lower *gun shots*

He missing then

Who speak for the have nothings where demons live

Dice shake in the crap game that I’m living in


Nice J, but the crack game what he dribble in

One foul and it’s flagrant the judge ejecting, 10

Years, Twelve years, fifteen sit him in

They gone find out if he hard rock or cinnamon


Touchdown now he hard rocked as ten of him

It’s nothing to rob niggas, send him in

(get on the ground nigga)


It’s the same ole cycle

Niggas came from 22s to packing full grown rifles

All a bottom nigga do is dream to tower like the Eiffel

We had Martin Luther King, but still a nigga feeling stifled




Look at how they rape us

Watch them raid my home

Look outside my window

That’s where I call home


And still these niggas what to be like me

Out here on my own

I swear these niggas what to be like me

Out here on my own, my own,  alone



Either they don’t know

Or don’t show

Or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood



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