Back like it’s 86

Let’s take it back like it’s 86


Let’s take it back likes it’s 86

Kangol and Adidas kicks

Tender age of 06

Staring through the ghetto fence


Reverend Run had Tricky Ronald Reagan was the president

Barely heard of crack and we had fathers in our residence

Ignorance and innocence

Same difference, in a sense

But he had that inner sense


Knew that there wasn’t something wasn’t adding up arithmetic

Error in addition meant

Numbers never multiplied our families were struggling

Uncles they was hustling


Heroine and corner dice

Grandma told me Jesus was the lord and he made sacrifice

Daddy trying to make the rent

Daddy keeping on the lights

Ain’t that the definition when they say for you he gave his life


Coins in the collection plate

Couple crumbs on our dinner plate

Praying to the heavens that he visit on election day

Mama told me how they murdered Martin after JFK.


They call us Generation X nigga

Which really meant they was plotting on how to X niggas

No more Elijah Mohammad’s or Malcolm X niggas

Toussaint L’Ouverture scared we’ll hex niggas


I know they feel it in the air now

You feel the soul when it’s risen after it’s held down

Take it back to ’88 Colors is everywhere now

Next day they youngsters is gangbanging in every town


Oh It’s just coincidence niggas

Scarface movies for crack dealers to wish bigger

Young blind souls can’t see it I paint a clear picture

Instagram that

Say we ain’t held back


Your honor motion to beg differ

Crack flooding the block now, no Nile River

25 life for a dime rock, they trial riggin’

Now they under Jim Crows laws, if this ain’t hells kitchen


Then what is nigga I need a clear description

Separate history from a written fiction

Separate His story from his fiction

I know it’s over they’re heads like synagogue ceilings is


Is this the end or just a new genesis

The closest one to you can be the most venomous

Whole generations missing and whose killing them

This is a war zone feel the adrenaline


And the saga is still to be continued

If life is a motion picture then this the preview

Shit is so cinematic I pull the reel (real) through

Forever living because cowards can never kill you, Preach!



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