Oh Lord hear me

God, please send her to me yeah

God, please send her to me yeah

Cross my heart that I love her



Oh Lord mercy Jesus Christ

I got a love jones going for her, she’s my vice

I day dream about her, God, I walk her streets at night

I chopped oz’s in her, watched my dreams take flight


She was in my first school day, my first street fight

The first time I rolled the pine and let the zig zag light

And I’m admitting I’m a sucker for her I rap about her

Every rhyme to show I love her, Tuck her with me in the covers


This is holy matrimony she’ll never leave me lonely

On the block is where she holds my fam

The memories of the homies that done passed on

Pour out a little liquor on her grass lawn


That’s homage paid, sometimes she’s hotter than a cast iron

The police sweep her then they cast us ‘hind that black iron


I’ll be back the first place I run is to her

You just met her nigga, bet, I’m finna take you on a tour

In the city where it’s gritty, yeah we grew from the manure

So clean even though a nigga raised from the sewer nigga




Oh Lord mercy Jesus Christ

I got a love jones going for her, she’s my wife

I’m writing lyric after lyric, bitch I breath your life

And every city that I’m in I’m seeking out your light


Cause best believe up under them is where they shoot them dice

And lick 50 at the city task force and vice

And if they dwelling on your corners

We know that dues were paid ’cause ain’t no way to pay it for em


Pray that they don’t turn informant

Telling war stories sheriffs in the kitchen serving warrants

And his mama’s in the courtroom children’s eyes pouring

And he’s pointing at the judge like 35 or more man, Damn


But I love that bitch

I keep going back to her baby scratch my itch

From a top floor suite to a project bench

She my first love, baby gave me my blueprint


So Imma stay true to her

Ring, white picket fence

Sing songs until the end of how she made me this

The Ghetto





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