Heaven 2 Hell

Tupac Intro: 


We ‘gon take it back to the real deal

Right out there

You ‘gon see them same sisters in Brenda

They right out there

And ya’ll gonna get in your cars and drive the fuck home

You know what I’m saying

I apologize, But you can be no more offended by my cursing than what’s really going on


Searching for the words

Running through the thoughts

They say a man can’t make it to the top without a cost


The sheeps in wolves clothing

The shephards of the flock

With secrets in the whole

But see ’em flexing with a fox


Staring at the clocks

Diamonds on my  watch, no

But them I gotta watch

I gotta, plus the blocks slow

You ducking from the cops

Why you ain’t pull your Glock though

You gangster, you ain’t pop bro, but kill a nigga pronto


Ku Klux Klan, nigga

Kill mo niggas though

No sheets

No cross burning, but the heaters blow


Fuck it, that’s the way it is

Baby gotta raise them kids

They brazen, so them niggas raising hell before the age of 10

Foul shit, flagrant

Loud shit, fragrance, blowing out that sun roof

This is what it’s come to

One War

One Truth

45, one coupe

Sitting watching heaven turn to hell on my front stoop, nigga



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