Triple Beam Dream FreeStyle

From the bottom of the bottom

Where its dope game and robbin’

Where the cents ain’t common

So we psychitzin’ for a dollar


Till we clean as Palmolive

We Rumble, No Cus D’Amato

Just killers with their pistols

They pitching waiting for rivals


It’s all about survive

No pressure while gripping bottles

Full of liters of liquor we swallowing down our problem, eh

Pray he got a nice J or a sack of Ye

School loans went to dope, to debt he slaves


Look to the future nigga to Jesus we pray

Turning two steps with devils to make our vision pay

He don’t want to sell his soul can he get a lease

Spend the proceeds on a chain, now that’s Jesus piece


Can’t deny it, fuck it I’ll glorify it

Long as my money pile, leave the streets with the genocide

Dream peddler, lifestyle over emphasized
In an infants mind, little niggas is mesmerized


Now they hypnotized

Emulating a niggas vibe

Meanwhile the prison rise populations of you and I

We only lose if you choose to

The Triple Beam is an option we must choose through

The projects stoops the poverty surrounds you

Your families starving, times is hard, what would you do


The first law of nature

Self preservation

Death or the paper nigga



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