We Earn

They say we heard it all before niggas

The pistols and roaches rhyming and coke dealers

A poet with poetry paints the words clearer

Now that you see the reflection and that a cold picture


The man in the mirror stuck in a cell with him

Although my vision is heaven I share a cell with him

With no bars and prison guards just my block

Be got damned if my mother fucking grind stops


Whole lotta hustle

Little bit of nothing

But shit ain’t really changed round here we still suffering

But we just keep them tears tatooed the ink running

For the cries that a man must hide or die under


Nothing left to lose

Everything together

Suited like it’s late night news no Dan Rather

Its true that niggas play by rules you can’t fathom

Just as long as niggas bring home rings like we Saturn


Church nigga preach that

Diesel in the weed sakc

Guaranteed a hit I don’t need a nigga feed back


Vision I’mma speak that

Eat, sleep and breathe that

Millionaire spirit we gone get it and gone breed that


Bring a little water to the root and bring the tree back

Til then I’m sipping vodka with the juice and blowing trees, yup

And I’m fresher than the mint

Match the hat up with the scarf and put the Louis on the print




Came from the block we ain’t got a pot to piss

Tryin’ to cop the chains and the jewels for the wrist

Fuck being dead broke I’m just tryin’ to live rich

Fuck being dead broke I’m just tryin’ to live rich


We earn.



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